Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Giveaway Day 3

One lucky person will get this yummy Valentine crafty kit! Loaded with delightful scrapbook papers, a heart shaped chipboard book, lots of ribbons, cute buttons, heart paper clips, prima flowers, fun little heart & button brads, heart shapes and a little bling! Click the photo to get a closer look!

Yesterdays winner was .....Jessica! Congratulations! Can you e-mail me your address, Jessica , so I can send you your prize!

Since Valentine's day is coming up, I thought it would be cute to hear about your best or worst Valentine's day present! Sometimes husbands think more practical than romantic. One year my husband bought me a vacuum cleaner! Hehehe! :)


Anonymous said...

Last year I got a gravy fat separator. I thought it was a joke but he was dead serious. He will never stop hearing about that.

Jen T said...

Oops, my name is Jen T above ^

A Scrappy Design said...

A couple of years ago my hubby turned our garage into a pond with floating candles. He built a small bridge from the doorway to the middle where there was a small deck with a table and a candle lit dinner.

Monique said...

I just found your "Paper Treats" crafts. I love your paper crafts. I've been single for a number of years but when I was married, I would get flowers for Valentine's Day.

Brandi said...

One year when I still smoked cigarettes, my husband got me a zippo lighter that was engraved with the words "Remember each time you light up, that I love you and need you"

It was his way of saying please stop smoking because I will miss you when you die of lung cancer. Needless to say while I still have the lighter, I quit smoking shortly after I received this gift in February 1999. It has been 10 years ago this month! Wow!

papertreats said...

Good for you Brandi! My Dad smoked 5 packs a day when he was in the Army in WWII! The Dr. told him if he didn't stop he would die. The war didn't kill him, so he knew he wouldn't let cigarettes kill him either!


I already got my Valentine's present for this year from my husband. Yesterday, he got me a new Cole Haan purse and matching wallet. It is still sitting in the store bag. Its so pretty; I'm almost afraid to touch it or use it. But, I love it. Its a great size. I can now carry my magazines, scissors, punches, coupons, camera, etc, etc. Have a great day everyone!

karri said...

valentine's day
13 years
on 2-14
my hubby
proposed to me!
happy <3 day,

marin said...

once i got a drying rack for sweaters. funfun! lol

Lisa Russell said...

All I ever want is some good chocolate for Valentines day, but I never get any. My husband used to send me flowers, but they would be expensive and come in a box and I would have to trim them and put them in a vase and do all of the work. The thought was nice, but I told him not to order them anymore, just get them locally and bring them home. Now he says he wants to give me some the day AFTER Valentines day so they are half price. lol I don't think so!


Lindsay said...

Having been single my entire life [I am 18], I have never had a proper "Valentine". Therefore, there is no Valentines day present that I can talk about. However, when I was younger, my father used to buy me candy hearts, if that counts? lol

Stacy Milford said...

I just found your etsy sight! Cute stuff...I'm still drooling!!! So I came over to your blog to check out your fun giveaways! Great stuff! & congrats on your 1 yr anniversary! My DH proposed to me on Valentine's Day...we have been married 18+ years! That had to be the best gift EVER!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

judy said...

My story centers around my mom, a classic hoarder. Two years ago she was quite ill and required hospitalization and nursing home care. I took a leave of absence from my job to get her house ready for her when she recuperated. While perusing a carton in her basement I found a box that had "Judy's X's" on it. When I opened it, she had saved all of my school valentines that I received from boys since I was in First Grade. Don't know what her ulterior motive was, but my husband and I had some great laughs! We still see some of these dreamboats and their wives from time to time. I've even returned some of the Valentines to their scrapbooking wives as some of the cards may be regarded as "vintage" since I was born in 19??.

Victoria M said...

Hi. I love your shop. Last year my husband went all out on Valentine's Day because he knew he would be missing it along with our anniversary and birthday this year since he's deployed. He put a down payment on a new car, boght me an i pod, digital camera, got me a massage, my nails done, pedicure & 2 dozen roses waiting for me when i got home. Thanks for the chance to win.

Oh P.S. I'm from Alaska and I'm sure you will love it. We were stationed here and the summers are amazing

Kami said...

Hi there! I saw you on Martha and I love your creations, they are darling! I can't think of a worst or best right now...anything chocolate works for me.

ps. such a fun Giveaway!