Monday, February 2, 2009

Giveaway Day 2

Here is todays fun prize! Just add a cute photo!
Remember you can enter once a day, by leaving a comment below!

My son picked a name and yesterdays winner was Judy! Congratulations!
I have actually been to 49 of the states! Alaska's the only state I haven't been to! We really put a LOT of miles on that VW!

Happy Groundhog Day! What did you think of Phil's prediction? 6 more weeks of winter! Us northerners probably view it a little different than you southern gals!


Jessica said...

I think Phil has a pretty tough job. If I were him, I would wish 6 more weeks of winter to whom ever pulled me out of my bed too! :) I love your work. I had bought something from you and then saw you on Martha. It took me a few minutes to put two and two together. I think you have a great thing going and wish you a wonderful second year!

Jen T said...

I love your cute paper crafts! And Phil, it's time for Spring!

Brandi said...

OH PHIL...c'mon it is time for Spring already! At least here in cold and snowy Eastern Oregon. Ugh!

Love your stuff...have been drooling over it on Etsy today...when I should have been working. Hee hee!



Six more weeks of winter? What? I live in extreme south Texas and it was a nice 76 degrees today. The nights have been a cool 50 degrees. But, you can actually wear shorts and flops if you want. I guess this is our spring. Its usually summerlike here all the time. Stay warm!

papertreats said...

Texas is WHERE I want to be right now! :) hehehe We have already been freezing for weeks!

Lisa Russell said...

6 more weeks of winter, I believe it. Even in Florida it is suppose to get down to 29 degrees here Wednesday night. Brrrr!