Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mini Pom Pom Fun!

Hey there! I'm here to share a few ideas using mini poms! I have made pom poms with my fingers, a piece of cardboard and I even went out and bought a little Clover pom maker. I wanted to make itty bitty poms so when I came across this technique on Pinterest, I had to try ....
This is my own version tutorial.

1. Get the color of your choice Twinery twine, a nice sharp pair of pointed scissors. ( Mine are Fiskars) A long tined fork and waxed cord. I bought my Darice waxed cord at Joann's for $1.99 . It's located in the beading section by the stretch & hemp cord. Your going to wrap about 30 times around 2 of the tines.

2. Take a 4" or 5" length of waxed cord and go around the baker's twine tightly tie once. I then slide it off the tines, pinch hard, pull on the waxed cord and tie again. The waxed cord holds really well and you don't have to worry about your little pom coming loose!

3. The waxed cord is perfect to hold onto when you start cutting your loops too. I actually cut from the back to the front it's easier to get the point of your scissor in there.

4. After the loops are cut, keep trimming all around to shape it in a ball. I pinch the ball to flatten so the edges line up better.

My first project is a fun holly tag. I know it's early to start thinking about Christmas, but If you start now, think of how relaxed your holiday would be ;) wink!
I cut a length of honeydew and peapod twine, brought the ends through the front and tied a bow.

My 2nd project is a cheery birthday card.

I don't have step by step pics for the grass. But what I did was cut a 1/2" piece of cardstock the width of my card, wrapped twine all the way down. I carefully ran one edge through my sewing machine and the cut almost to the top of one side. That way I'd have longer grass in the back. I spread the twine apart and cut some of the cardstock away so it would not show. Then I adhered with hot glue for a strong hold.

I took the long ends of wax cord and threaded them with an embroidery needle so I could sew on the pollen. I attached it to the card, but I was going to make it into a little pin. My next little project is a 2 in 1. Hair bobby and gift tag. This time I left the waxed cord long so my little Caterpillar could have antennas!
I also used the extra waxed cord to tie the mini poms onto the bobby pin. It holds well and is less messy than glue! Isn't she precious! hee :)

Lastly, I have for you a little cupcake ...celebrating a milestone birthday. Mine! :) I'm turning 40 this Wednesday, May 18th to be exact! For the cherry, I used a little mono adhesive on a punched circle and twisted on Maraschino twine. Then I cut up little bits of twine for the sprinkles! This is me and my little family on Mother's Day!

I hope I have inspired you with a few ideas! I'd love to see YOUR mini pom ideas using the Terrific Twinery Twine!

Have a great week!



Stephanie said...

I love these! I'm so happy you shared this technique, it's next on my "to try" list :)

Christine said...

These are darling...esp that caterpillar! I am linking this up on Practical Scrappers today!

Monika Wright said...

love this tutorial and it's on my TO DO now list!

Anonymous said...

These are so cute, You can use waxed dental floss instead of waxed twine also.

Momma Meg said...

Your mini poms are to DIE FOR! I will certainly be trying that out. I esp love the caterpillar! CUTE!

Emily Leiphart said...

I LOVE what you did with the twine here! The pompoms are so much fun, especially that caterpillar hairclip, and the grass is gorgeous.

Lisa R. said...

Wow, too cute!!!!! TFS

Angie Tieman said...

Wowza! You are amazing with twine! I'm so glad I just stumbled upon your blog! You probably don't remember a long time ago I sent you a pm at Splitcoast to see where you had gone, glad you're back!

srpprcrftr said...

I just found this site tonight. I love to use the bakers twine. It just seems as tho everything I use it on looks so much more cheery.
The little pom-poms are so cute, can't wait to try them.
Wish I could take advantage of your twine special right now but we don't get paid til Wed. 28th. Ah well that's how the cookie crumbles I guess. It's been 5 weeks since we got our SS and it's a long 5 weeks. So glad I found this site.