Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A New Year!

What a blessing a New Year is! A great time to remember all the wonderful things God did last year and a time to make changes for the better as a wife and parent!
This May, Lord willing, I will reach a milestone birthday ...the big 4-0! It's a wonder how OLD I used to think 40 was :) hee!

So anyways, Christmas has come and gone, and I wanted to share some photos of Christmas treats I made for my 3 kids school parties, Church decorations and THE wedding! Let me tell you how much fun that was .... and a ton of work LOL :0) I think I finally have gotten caught up on my sleep!
The round balls are candy cane Oreo truffles. My 5th grader brought those in. The pretzel rods went to my 1st graders class and the candy coated oreos went in with my 7th grader! A lot of work ,but my kids were very appreciative!

The next set of pics are what I was busily working on for our Christmas cantata! The man who designed the program graciously let me come up with the idea for the decor and execute it!

The hanging banners were inspired by Christmas decorations at Somerset Collection ( a beautiful mall 4 miles from my house) It's hard to judge the scale. They are about 5 ft wide and over 6 ft long. My great husband helped engineer these and hung them in the garage so I could decorate. I wish I had taken a close up photo so you could see all the gilded fruit piled high at the top. Miles of ribbon ,velvet roses, twinkle lights!

The white banners were a backdrop for Nativity images that matched the flyer for our Christmas cantata.
Here is a scope of the auditorium . I need to spruce up the wreaths for next year! I made them about 16 years ago. The center arrangement I made at least 5 yrs ago. I fixed it up a bit this year with gorgeous red berries and frosty boxwood greens! It's very sparkly in person. I try to get a close up shot later.

I need to go run an errand, but when I get back I'll show you pics of the wedding!

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