Friday, April 17, 2009

The Toledo Zoo field trip

I went with my daughter & her 3rd grade class today to the Toledo Zoo in Ohio. We were going on the 7th originally, but weather in the 30's would have been torture! :) What a difference 10 days makes! Clear blue skies today...the sun out....temp rising to 70 degrees...the animals in rare form, it was the perfect day!

The polar bears were great! I've never seen action like that at our Detroit zoo!

They were diving & splashing...even a little kiss kiss hehehe!Contemplation.....Hmmm...what's for dinner tonight? This gorilla was so funny playing peek-a-boo with Carson! (Too bad the glare was there)

Little Louis smiling for the camera! His 6th birthday is April 26th!
Herbie and Emily in the background! Emily is the mom, but Herbie's got her beat by 1000 pounds ,the zoo worker told me!

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